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Inca Ruins

  We’ve been able to explore many ruin sites since we arrived in the Sacred Valley almost two months ago. The major sites are pretty expensive, costing about $25 per person for a two day pass. There is also a 10 day pass for $40, but since we’re here awhile, we prefer to spread things… Continue reading Inca Ruins

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Escuela Tikapata

Finally both Joaquin and Jovani are in school! I want to write a bit and describe the school itself and the educational philosophy behind it. We wanted to send the boys to school, not because I’m sick of homeschooling them, but because Israel and I both feel that attending school will be the best way… Continue reading Escuela Tikapata

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Settling down

We’ve been busy settling in to our new place and trying to establish a routine for all of us. There’s school for Jovani (Joaquin is still not in yet!), work and searching for more work for me, homeschool and math tutoring for Joaquin, and circus class and play for Judah. So, I haven’t been writing… Continue reading Settling down

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Househunting Peru

A few of you were wondering how we found a long term house to live in here in Urubamba. Back in the U.S. I sometimes watched a show call Househunters, they even had a Househunters International. Househunting in Peru (at least for us) was quite a bit different than on those shows, but nonetheless I… Continue reading Househunting Peru

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The Journey to Cusco

It started with goodbyes. I didn’t think it would be this hard to leave Chile, but it was. We came to Chile, not because it was on our bucket list, but to visit family. Israel’s sister has lived with her family in Santiago for three years and ever since she moved down here we thought… Continue reading The Journey to Cusco

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The problem with the travel bug is: once you get it the itch doesn’t go away, the more you travel the worse the itch to travel gets. The further you go, you learn about more places that you just need to explore. Now that we’ve been in Chile and Argentina, I feel that Patagonia is… Continue reading Decisions

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Jovani’s 7th Birthday

It was important to me to be somewhere special on Jovani’s birthday. But by the time it rolled around we were fed up with our situation. We were fed up dealing with no internet, fleas, a mysterious rash, and rats! We were less than thrilled to be stuck where we were especially after I discovered… Continue reading Jovani’s 7th Birthday