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One of the perks of writing for South American Outdoors is that we get to experience some pretty awesome adventures. So when Aconcagua Mountain Guides approached me to write an article about trekking Aconcagua Mountain, I was pretty excited. But, I think spending my entire life at sea level has inhibited my abilities to be… Continue reading Aconcagua

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Water time

I found a dog-sitting gig on the coast of Chile just three hours north of Santiago. So, we decided to cut our time in Mendoza a bit short and head back to Chile. The little boys are super excited about our new job. I love that we have the flexibility to take advantage of opportunities… Continue reading Water time

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10 Curiosities about Argentina

I’ve noticed a few things about Argentina, some are a bit odd, some wonderful, and some not so wonderful. Staying in one place in the country for three weeks makes me no expert on Argentina, but these are some of the interesting things I’ve noticed while we’ve been here.  Money– I’ve noticed a few things… Continue reading 10 Curiosities about Argentina

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Argentina has a completely different culture than other places I’ve been in Latin America. I am by no means an expert on Latin American culture, but I think I’m pretty well versed. I had always heard that Argentinians were different, but I wasn’t quite sure how. I knew they spoke differently, they use the term… Continue reading Mendoza

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Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping overwhelms me. At home in the U.S., the size of the stores and the selection of goods can paralyze me with indecision and it can take me hours to shop if I’m not well prepared. I much prefer smaller stores and a choice between just two to three types of items. I have… Continue reading Grocery Shopping

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Crossing Borders

Expensive summer prices where we want to go down south have led us to Mendoza, Argentina where we will spend a month exploring, drinking wine, eating steak, learning, and hopefully, making money. So, today we crossed the Andes and the border from Chile into Argentina. Its not often that I look forward to an 8 hour bus… Continue reading Crossing Borders