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The Journey to Cusco

It started with goodbyes. I didn’t think it would be this hard to leave Chile, but it was. We came to Chile, not because it was on our bucket list, but to visit family. Israel’s sister has lived with her family in Santiago for three years and ever since she moved down here we thought… Continue reading The Journey to Cusco

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Jovani’s 7th Birthday

It was important to me to be somewhere special on Jovani’s birthday. But by the time it rolled around we were fed up with our situation. We were fed up dealing with no internet, fleas, a mysterious rash, and rats! We were less than thrilled to be stuck where we were especially after I discovered… Continue reading Jovani’s 7th Birthday

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La Ballena

We are going a bit stir crazy with the lack of internet access, but there is still plenty to do around here. Between the dog’s care, the gardens, and keeping the house and AirBnB clean, our days are never empty. Santiaguenses come to the beach to get away from the heat in the city. Santiago… Continue reading La Ballena

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We were thrust from one world into another in one car ride. Traveling does that to you, it doesn’t just take you to different places, but to whole other worlds. Sometimes this can happen in just a few hours. In three hours we went from a dusty, internet deprived cabin on the beach with spectacular… Continue reading Babysitting

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The next four or five blog posts were written over the past month while we were on our housesit. I wasn’t able to post them at the time of writing due to our lack of internet. I will schedule them to post every few days over the two weeks so that you guys can catch… Continue reading Housitting

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Crossing Borders

Expensive summer prices where we want to go down south have led us to Mendoza, Argentina where we will spend a month exploring, drinking wine, eating steak, learning, and hopefully, making money. So, today we crossed the Andes and the border from Chile into Argentina. Its not often that I look forward to an 8 hour bus… Continue reading Crossing Borders

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Santiago is soooo expensive to get to. We have been wanting to visit since my sister in law moved here with her family three years ago, but plane tickets from Houston rarely dip below $1000. So, when we first started planning our South American adventure we made sure to include Santiago in our plans. We… Continue reading Santiago