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Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping overwhelms me. At home in the U.S., the size of the stores and the selection of goods can paralyze me with indecision and it can take me hours to shop if I’m not well prepared. I much prefer smaller stores and a choice between just two to three types of items. I have… Continue reading Grocery Shopping

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Goodbye Ecuador

Ecuador fulfilled my expectations, it has been everything I wanted it  it to be. The Andes are truly spectacular. The culture is so familiar, similar to Mexico, yet a unique culture all its own. In my opinion, it is quickly becoming a second world country. There has been great investment in the country’s infrastructure. The… Continue reading Goodbye Ecuador

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Jovani’s Epic Adventure

We passed an adventure park on the way home every day during our stay in Baños. Jovani kept telling me that he wanted to stop and watch the people doing the zip line. We finally stopped one day to watch, and of course he asked if he could do it. I looked at it and… Continue reading Jovani’s Epic Adventure

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Holiday Traditions

We knew this holiday season was going to be different than we were used to; for one: we were far from home, and two: we were away from Israel for the first time. I was thrilled to be missing the consumerist frenzy that is Christmas at home, but the down side was, there would be… Continue reading Holiday Traditions

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First Impressions

As you first step off the bus, the town of Baños isn’t very impressive. Maybe it was the five hostal employees crowding around trying to get us to stay in their establishment, maybe it was the 7 hour bus ride, maybe it was the hunger from skipping lunch, whatever it was, we were quite underwhelmed.… Continue reading First Impressions

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Loja is only about an hour away from our previous location, but it feels like a whole other world. In Vilcabamba we heard mostly English throughout the day, all the travelers at our house were English speakers, as well as our hosts, and English was mostly spoken in the cafes and restaurants around town. In… Continue reading Loja

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Madrigal de Podocarpus

I was hesitant to book this Airbnb since it is located in a remote area seven kilometers from Loja down a bumpy dirt road. I was worried about getting to and from the city, but I’m glad I took the chance. This place is exactly what I was hoping it would be. We’re staying on a… Continue reading Madrigal de Podocarpus